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Supply chain disruptions affect every aspect of our economy – from shortages of essential consumer goods, luxuries, and producers of raw materials to inflation and higher prices, longer delivery times, and smaller available quantities. Leaders who can navigate this new business world are critical to a company’s bottom line.

As more and more companies seek supply chain integrity, the Chief Supply Chain Officer has become a vital executive team member. This person has a rare combination of high-tech analytical and data skills and tested supply chain management experience, which is not taught in the classroom. Despite being in great demand, this person is more challenging than ever to find because they are often too busy working to be seeking new opportunities.

Thanks to our unique data-driven and relationship-based process, we have access to a network of critical executives with proven track records of designing, executing, and leading overall supply chain network strategy and optimization. Our network includes leaders in all phases of the supply chain, from procurement and purchasing raw materials to logistics and distribution. Our entire economy now relies on these rare individuals, and we can find them.

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