How We Work

Our Proven 5 C’s Process

Though every search is unique, we all follow the process that has led to our 96% success rate. We call it the 5 C’s: conduct, compile, compare, convert, conclude.

1. Conduct

We start every search by conducting a 60-minute phone call or in-person meeting to learn about you, your company, corporate culture, current projects, short-term and long-term goals and finally your open position and kind of person who might best fill it.

2. Compile

Next, we begin to compile a list of candidates based on research and sourcing to find the best candidates available in today’s marketplace. Depending on the position, the economy and who’s out there, this list can be vast. We won’t burden you with it.

3. Compare

We assess our list of prospects to determine which ones are truly qualified and ready to make their next career move. This leads to a smaller list of viable candidates based on four more Cs: competence, character, commitment and culture. We won’t burden you with this list either.

4. Convert

After comparing all the viable candidates, we reduce a vast number of them to a select few and convert them to the final clearly suitable few that we will present to you.

5. Conclude

This final stage occurs when you select one of the select few and make an offer. We’re available to help with onboarding to ensure a successful placement.

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